JW Therapeutics aims to revolutionize cancer treatment by building the best and most innovative cell-therapy company.  

We are committed to the development, transformation and promotion of breakthrough cell-based immunotherapies to save the lives of cancer patients, improving their quality of life and bringing them a new hope.  

JW Therapeutics

A joint-venture company set to revolutionize cancer treatment in China.

JW Therapeutics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd will leverage Juno’s expertise in cell therapy technologies and WuXi AppTec’s excellence in contract services, and collaborate broadly with Chinese medical communities and government regulators to develop cell therapies that will deliver cutting-edge cancer treatments to Chinese patients. These novel technologies offer a unique opportunity that holds the potential to save lives while transforming the treatment of cancer
— Dr. James Li, CEO

Juno Therapeutics

"Juno's goal is to create novel immuno-oncology therapies to treat cancer patients around the world across a range of cancer types. Over 2.5 million people in China die annually from cancer, making it imperative for us to find an effective structure to reach these patients. JW Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, with Dr. James Li as CEO, will be able to draw on a diverse set of expertise from our company. WuXi AppTec's track record of leadership and excellence in the Chinese pharmaceutical R&D sector will be key to develop and commercialize Juno's transformational technologies for patients in this important market."

Hans Bishop, President & CEO, Juno Therapeutics

WuXi Apptec

"WuXi is very delighted to work with Juno Therapeutics, a world leader in immuno-oncology, to bring highly innovative cell therapy products to patients in China through JW Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The Chinese government's regulatory reforms are expected to drive growth and demand for quality medicines that target major unmet medical needs in China, and our mission is to enable the development and commercialization of therapeutics in China through WuXi's open-access R&D and manufacturing platform, and strategic partnerships with leading organizations worldwide."

Dr. Ge Li, Chairman and CEO, WuXi AppTec